Sunday, April 21, 2013

What to do with too much chard

For Chard, Mustard, Kale, etc…

·         Sautee in olive oil and/ or ghee (available at

Any combination: onions, chives, shallots, garlic, etc… (Allium family).


Fry bacon or pancetta along with these at this time if you eat pork;

Otherwise, add slivers of sundried tomatoes canned in olive oil. Set aside.

·         Microwave 1-2 buttered yams until just cooked, almost soft, let cool and set aside.

·         While sauté is in process, wash and stack bitter leafy greens, rolling into “cigar shape” from leaf tip to stem ends.

·         Julienne crosswise greens after making 1-2 longitudinal cuts down length of “cigar”.  Set aside.

·         Flavor oil in sauté with spices of choice; e.g., turmeric, curry powder,  popped  cumin or mustard seeds- to release essential oils. (Available at Spanish smoked paprika (available at Whole Foods or online), cayenne, black pepper, etc…can be added now. Do not salt yet.

·         Braise / wilt down the julienned greens in the flavored oil.

·         Add water, low sodium free range chicken broth, or other broth to taste to aid braising. Cover and simmer.

·         Cube cooled yam into ½” dice. I use peel, you may choose to discard. Rinse and drain one can of white beans.

·         When greens cooked to desired level, adjust salt and pepper to taste. ( I prefer black salt from India, available at, which adds a slight sulphur taste, this is an acquired but  amazing exotic layer of flavor)

·         Gently add cubed yams and drained beans to braised greens.  Replace pan lid just to heat these additions. Do not over-stir and damage shape of beans and yams dice.

·        Garnish with toasted chopped cashews and serve with Modena balsamic vinegar and Arbequina olive oil.

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