Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sun scald in the low desert

    PLANTS MOST SUSCEPTIBLE: Wide variety of sun sensitive plants including citrus, mimosa, mulberry, etc.

      The bark on the South or West sides of the trunk becomes discolored and may split or crack exposing the wood beneath to disease and insect predators.

    • Newly planted trees may lack sufficient canopy to shade the bark
    • Pruning in the Spring or Summer which exposes previously shaded trunk area to intense sunlight.

    • Avoid pruning sun sensitive trees during the spring or summer. If pruning is necessary, try not to open up areas of shaded bark.
    • Protect exposed areas by painting with a white, water-based paint, shading with a cloth or paper wrapping.

    • Shade the effected area
    • Monitor for bacterial or fungal infection and apply fungicide or 10% bleach solution if necessary

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